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Fundamentals of Public International Law book
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Fundamentals of Public International Law book

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It is not easily realized how rules in public international law have gone so far in regulating the political, economic and social life of the Filipino community. Traditional modes of thinking and institutions deeply rooted in nationalism and nurtured by the notion of "exclusive domestic jurisdiction" are now shattered by the expansive regime of general multilateral conventions of which the Philippines is a party. The impact of the Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization (WTO) alone is incalculable as it continues to re-make the national economy on the totalizing repercussions of the principle of national treatment and of the most-favored-nation clause. Members of the Philippine legal profession themselves are not well informed that under the General Agreement of Trade in Services they face the prospect of internationalization of legal services in which foreign lawyers may - sooner than they expect - engage in legal services in Philippine jurisdiction, significantly enough, primarily in the field of public international law. The moment it is conceded - and so broadly it is conceded in the international community - that under the UN Charter it is an obligation to respect and observe human rights and fundamental freedoms without discrimination, the political relation of the Philippines as a State with its own citizens vis-a-vis questions of human rights has ceased to be its exclusive domain; this has moved over to the province of international legal regulation. In fundamental policy areas, the Philippines is under duty to comply with standards set by international law. Its own sovereignty has internalized these standards which have become the common fund of values of the international community.

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Author Merlin M. Magallona
Copyright 2005
Edition 1
Publisher C & E Publishing, Inc.
Pages 871
Contents Chapter 1: Fundamental Concepts and Principles of Public International Law Chapter 2: Law of the United Nations Chapter 3: Diplomatic and Consular Law Chapter 4: Law of Treaties Chapter 5: International Human Rights Chapter 6: International Humanitaria Law Chapter 7: International Criminal Law Chapter 8: International Law Against Terrorism Chapter 9: International Environmental Law Chapter 10: Law of the Sea Chapter 11: Law of the Air and of Outer Space Chapter 12: Settlement of International Disputes Chapter 13: Philippine Practice in International Law Documents
ISBN 9789715844154
Information is up-to-date: 31.03.2012

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