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Fundamental Perspectives on International Law book
  • Fundamental Perspectives on International Law book

Fundamental Perspectives on International Law book

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In a fairly succinct treatment, FUNDAMENTAL PERSPECTIVES ON INTERNATIONAL LAW, International Edition provides a unique mix of cases, articles, documents, text, charts, tables, and questions. The key concepts of international law are introduced through thoroughly up-to-date content. Important cases are continually updated on the author`s website. The text is complemented by numerous review problems.

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Author William R. Slomanson
Copyright 2011
Edition 6
Publisher Cengage Learning
Pages 696
Features The 5th edition Chapter 7 (Diplomacy) has been combined into Chapter 2 (States). This merger better reflects the negotiating feature of day-to-day interaction between states. Chapter sections are structured in alpha-numeric order and there is now a one-page summary of chapter content for quick access and review of chapter material. New decisions are included by national and international tribunals including from the International Court of Justice its validity of Kosovo independence case; its 2009 Georgia v. Russia Racial Discrimination treaty case; its 2007 Bosnia v. Serbia genocide case; and from the International Criminal Court its 2009 first-ever arrest warrant for a sitting national president. Many new or revised role playing problems for probing student comprehension via applications of course material. New sections on: extraordinary rendition, national court adjudication of international issues; organizational and corporate accountability; the so-called "redefinition" of torture; how a new US presidential administration seeks to do an "about face" regarding the War on Terror policies of the prior administration; a revised human rights chapter, now offering a potpourri of subsections on rights-specific groups; a revised environmental chapter that now offers readings on alternative environmental fora, war and the environment, criminal law options, environmental human rights, corporate environmental responsibility; and the economic chapter`s coverage of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and globalization backlash.
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